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SNP Peptaronic Skincare First Impression

Please give ways to these uber cute pink skincare series from SNP!
Few months ago I was very lucky to be invited by the SNP Official Indonesia team to attend their new product pre-launch event. Together with other bloggers, I had the opportunity to get to know their newly launched the all-pink skincare line, named SNP PREP Peptaronic Series.

A little introduction about the brand

For those of you who don’t know, SNP (Shining Nature Purity) is a Korean brand that was established in 2008. The most famous SNP product is the SNP Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask, which is a sheet mask that we can find in almost every drugstore. Now who is saying “ohhhh i know SNP” haha!

Well, I was very curious about Peptaronic’s PREP products. Apparently, the Peptaronic name is a combination of the words Peptides + Hyaluronic Acid, which are the key ingredients of these five newly released products. Peptaronic’s skincare line consists of 5 series of products starting from toner, serum, cream, ampoule sheet mask and tone up cream.

While the PREP designation on the front of the product name refers to preparation because the product is suitable for use as a base before using makeup in the morning. In addition, the word PREP is also taken from “Play and Replay”, meaning that this PREP skincare product series can be used for us to experiment using the product as much as we want to. We can use it continuously. Keep scrolling to read more about this product!

About the SNP PREP Peptaronic pre-launching event

Before discussing product reviews, I must explain first about the event. So in addition to the excitement with other blogger friends, at the pre-launching event yesterday we were also explained directly about this PREP SNP product and the brand representative also gave a short demo to show us the right way to use their products.

SNP Peptaronic series has the main ingredients of six types of Peptides whose function is to maintain skin vitality and keep skin young and five types of Hyaluronic Acid. I believe this skincare ingredient is familiar to you. Yup, HA or Hyaluronic Acid has an important role to moisturize the skin.

But wait, why do you need several types of the same ingredient in one product? It turns out that these six types of Peptides and five types of Hyaluronic Acid each have a different type of particle, each of which can enter a certain layer of skin. It takes several different types so that these two ingredients can get into the layers of the skin optimally. So they work effectively, not only on the surface of the skin but also into the deepest layer of the skin. How cool is that?

Well, to use these skincare products to their maximum performance, these are the steps we need to follow :

Toner (320 ml): SNP Peptaronic Toner is a hydrating toner that has a thick texture. Usually hydrating toner has a liquid consistency (almost like water), but this Peptaronic Toner product has a slightly heavier consistency that is almost similar to essence products.

So we don’t need to use too much products, just pour a few drops into the palm of your hand and gently pat it all over your face until it absorbs. And, the good thing is, we don’t even need to use cotton to use this toner product because it doesn’t spill easily anywhere. (Also a plus point to an environmentally-friendly product!)

Serum (220 ml): After using the toner, we can go directly to SNP Peptaronic Serum. How to use it is actually the same as serum in general, just take a few drops and then massage lightly until evenly distributed to all parts of the face.

Cream (55 ml): The next product that is exhibited is Peptaronic Cream. Now to add moisture to the skin, we need to take sufficiently cream products then massage it to the face until evenly distributed.

Tone Up Cream (100 ml): After finishing using all the skincare series to moisturize, our skin is now better equipped and ready to use makeup products. For daily look, a Tone Up Cream product is actually enough to brighten the face so it doesn’t look dull. Take a small amount of the product (not too much) then flatten slowly to the face area.

Ampoule Mask: Well, we haven’t had the chance to try this last product because it seems like it won’t launch together with other products. But i guess because this ampoule mask is a regular sheet mask product, there is no specific way to use it. 

Already quite curious about the product? Read again to see what’s next. Hint: I really like two products in this SNP Peptaronic series. What do you think the two products are?

Disclaimer : Because I haven’t tried using Peptaronic’s SNP PREP product in my skincare routine (plus my face is quite breakout due to PMS huhu), so I will tell you about these products based on my first impression first when I tried them at the pre-launching event.

Here goes!


As usual I will talk about the product packaging first. When I first saw SNP Peptaronic’s product display at the pre-launch event, I honestly had an immediate crush on it! Apart from the all-pink bottle that’s super adorable, the overall concept of the design is also minimalist in the style of today’s skincare products. For the toner and serum products, the bottle is transparent so we can know how many products remain in the bottle. So we won’t suddenly run out of skincare. 

The cream product packaging is similar to the usual cream product I have, which is in the form of a white jar. The packaging is using a screw cap so the product is very safe and won’t spill easily. Finally, for the packaging of tone up cream they use a tube packaging in a very pretty pink and white color.

And oh, there is one important thing that I must mention in the packaging section. I was amazed at the SNP brand because it can create skincare products with huge bottle sizes! Seriously, the size of the product is really unusual because it is much bigger than other normal skincare products.

Their serum products have 220 ml packaging, much bigger than the serum in general which is only 30 ml in size. For toner products, it is also much bigger, 320 ml. The toner product that I usually buy is 100 ml to 250 ml. For cream products, it’s almost the same as other cream products, it’s 55 ml, but it’s totally fine because I prefer to have skincare products in the jar in smaller packaging, as we all know the jar packaging  is more susceptible to bacterial contamination. Finally, for tone up cream products, the size is almost 10 times that of tone up cream products in general, which is usually only 15 ml in size.

Well, for the size of the product, SNP is deliberately releasing products with super large packaging so we can use and explore them as much as possible. There’s no need to worry about using too much products fearing that they will run out quickly.


If I usually mention the price of the product at the end of the review, this time it feels like it needs to be mentioned about it now.. The thing is, even though the product is really big, it turns out that the price is not expensive at all. It’s actually really affordable because each toner, serum, cream and tone up cream product is sold at Rp. 136,000. As for their ampoule sheet mask products, if I am not mistaken, the price is IDR 16,500. 


Before talking about the first impression review. I want to tell you first that I am very excited about this Peptaronic SNP product range because all of its products contain five types of Hyaluronic Acid and six types of Peptides. For Hyaluronic Acid, for me, it’s one of my Top 5 favorite skincare ingredients. In fact, I depend on this ingredient because my skin is often dehydrated and has a history of eczema as well.

For those of you who don’t know, Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful ingredient in moisturizing the skin by helping our skin store up to 1,000 times more water content. So if you use skincare with HA content, you can expect your skin to be more supple, moist and moisture barrier is maintained.

As for Peptides, this is an anti-aging ingredient that makes our skin much healthier. This ingredient can also give you the benefits of younger and healthier skin, even if you wear makeup daily or are exposed to pollution. It’s a powerful ingredient that is usually used in expensive anti-aging skincare products.

Now on to the first impressions!

SNP Peptaronic Toner

As I discussed earlier, this Peptaronic toner series has a fairly thick consistency compared to other toner products. As a hydrating toner, it actually works better when using products that have a thicker texture because it is far more moisturizing. And, even though the texture is thick enough like essence, this toner product is easy to absorb into the skin so that it can be immediately stacked with the next skincare.

Or if you are one of those who like to do layering hydrating toner up to 7 times, it looks like you can still use this product, but maybe with a less number of layers. I also really like the fragrance of the product that is like the scent of a rose but it is fresher. Also, because the texture of this toner is quite thick, you don’t need to use cotton to apply it. so you pour it on the palm of your hand, and just use your hands to pat the products to the skin, and the product won’t spill easily.

SNP Peptaronic Serum

The next product is serum, which is one of my favorite products in the Peptaronic series. The first thing that amazed me is the size of the serum bottle that is 10 times bigger than my current serum bottle but at a price that is still affordable. Because it has the same content as other Peptaronic products, namely Hyaluronic Acid and Peptide, this serum also aims to maintain moisture barrier so that the skin is not easily outweighed by many things and remains moist. Peptaronic serum products have a texture that is also quite thick compared to serum products in general, but still easy to absorb into the skin. I know some of you guys are usually quite economical when using serum, but with the existence of a very large bottle, I think we can maximize the use of serum so we can get maximum results as well.

Peptaronic Cream SNP

Next to the second product that I like the most is the Cream product. Actually this product has a texture that is more like a gel than cream. My first impression when I saw and tried, Peptaronic Cream was very similar to the cream from Korean brands that I had relied on to help my eczema problem. Again, the texture is easy to absorb into the skin, so this SNP series is really suitable as a series of skincare to prep our skin, it can be used when rushing in the morning haha. When applied to the skin, so far there have been no negative reactions so it seems I would be suitable to use it, especially when the skin is itchy or rashes due to eczema and sensitivity.

SNP Peptaronic Tone Up Cream

To be honest, I rarely use tone up cream because it often fails on my skin which has a warm medium tone. Sometimes there is a white cast, sometimes it turns gray. But strangely when I try SNP Peptaronic Tone Up Cream, the product can really blend with the skin. My skin then looks brighter but not too white or gray. I tried it many times because I didn’t believe it at first. If you don’t feel like using makeup, using only a tone up cream will be enough to make your face brighter and fresher in the morning.

Well, if you are also very curious to try out products from the SNP PREP Peptaronic series, it’s better to directly hop to Sociolla’s pages right now! I hope this first impression review can help you decide which product you’re going to purchase!


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