To Kak Annetta Darandri,

5 Juli 2017

Throwback to approximately one year ago,

Gue baru aja pulih sehabis sakit seminggu lamanya. H+1 sehabis diinfus dadakan, gue bangun pagi hari dan hal pertama yang gue lakukan adalah ambil laptop dan mulai nulis portfolio untuk melamar posisi intern di tim editorial Female Daily. Kalau nggak salah hari itu batas terakhir untuk apply, that’s why I decided to go for it walaupun masih harus ngetik sambil rebahan di kasur.

I wanted to be part of Female Daily so bad, so I needed to write a kick-ass feature story. I tried to write like Female Daily’s editors. Selesai nulis dua tulisan, langsung kirim email ke kak Netta. She was the senior editor.

Fast forward to dua hari setelahnya, tiba-tiba gue dapat email dari Ci Nopai yang ngasih tau kalau gue jadi salah satu intern yang terpilih. I still remember that day. Dreams do come true!

2017 was uneasy, with series of things that made me feel self-conscious. I was unemployed, and depressed. 5 July 2017 was the day i decided to try again, and having the opportunity to join FD was a turning point for me.

Dear kak Netta,

I could never thank you enough for what you did. I wasn’t sure about my writing ability, but you trusted in me and I couldn’t be more proud to have 40 articles in FD’s blog with my name on it.

And also,

Thank you for being such an inspirational woman who always encourage others to stand up for what they believe in. I adore your bold and beautiful personality. I adore the way you write and explain things in your soothing voice. Sejujurnya masih sedih dan belum bisa bayangin Female Daily tanpa kak Netta. But if there will be any changes, I know it’s for the better. Wherever you’re going next, semoga masih tetap sering posting di blog ya. Any topics will do, beauty, football, I’ll be your regular reader hehe.

Last but not least, thank you for having me in your team, it was indeed an honor and pleasure having the opportunity to work with you. I sincerely wish you’ll always be surrounded with happiness, whether it be from a simple cup of tea, or a life changing opportunity. See you around kak!

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